Trans Fitness Retreats is a team of exclusively transgender individuals connecting and empowering the LGBTQIA community around the world through health and fitness.


While we intend to expand to multiple locations throughout the following years, we are excited to announce our first event will be held in Thailand in summer of 2021, which we will extend invitation to ALL LGBTQIA members!


Train at Tiger Muay Thai with a wide selection of classes including Muay Thai, MMA, and other Fitness classes with experienced trainers and fitness professionals.

Our team members will attend with you and motivate you as you sweat it out together in a welcoming environment for all levels of fitness!


Experience the joy of travel to and around Phuket, Thailand. Enjoy a selection of excursions such as kayaking, night shows, cooking classes, elephant sanctuaries, boat trips and other water adventures!

Take in the Thai culture and explore Southeast Asia with the new friends you are sure to make on this fun-packed adventure.


If you haven't experienced authentic Thai food, you are in for a treat! The location is on a street dedicated to health and fitness. You will have a wonderful selection of restaurants within walking distance of your stay.

Included in the retreat, you will receive a 3,000 baht (about $100 USD) gift card to use at Tiger Muay Thai, so you can grab meals quickly between or after classes.

This Summer 2021

What's included

Double Occupancy Accommodation with pool access, air, wifi, TV/DVD, cable, and cleaning services twice per week


(Single Occupancy with direct pool access available as an upgrade)


Unlimited Fitness Classes instructed by top professional athletes from Thailand and around the world (over 130 classes available during the retreat)

Access to Tiger Muay Thai's large gym for your

strength-training needs

3,000 baht food voucher for use at Tiger Muay Thai (approximately $100 USD)

There will be three airport pickups on day one and three airport drop offs on the last day included.


If you arrive at an odd time, we can arrange pickup at an extra charge

Entrance to all workshops and presentations hosted by the Trans Fitness Retreats team.

Entrance to all workshops and presentations hosted by the Trans Fitness Retreats team. Your choice of an excursion package (link options)
Choose your favorite Thailand adventures!

  • Island hopping by boat tour


  • Visit the beautiful elephants at the ethical elephant sanctuary


  • Experience a cooking class so you can take the authentic Thai food home with you or a go on a food tour so you can experience a variety of cuisines


  • Feel your heart racing with excitement as you prepare to leave the sturdy platform of your ziplining adventure


  • Go hiking and explore some hidden gems on foot


  • Kayak the beautiful waters of the island while you take in the beautiful scenery and so much more!

Most importantly, leave with new friendships that will last a lifetime and memories you will never forget!


What's not included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home


  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance


  • Transportation to and from the fitness center (10 minute walk from all accommodations)


  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, taxis, laundry, and tips

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OUr team

Aydian Dowling

Is a Transgender Activist and Fitness Enthusiast most well known for being the First Transgender Man on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine. Aydian continues his advocacy work through social media platforms and his nonprofit PointofPride.org

Denise Medina

Is a transgender woman and member of the trans community for over 12 years. Her mission with social media is to be a visible representation of a healthy, thriving trans feminine person while also bringing an overall sense of style, beauty, and wellness to the community. She has been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years and has worked in every setting including day spas, high-end resorts, rehabilitation offices and chiropractic establishments.


Denise's niche in her profession has been muscle recovery, injury prevention and mental wellness through the practice of stress prevention and massage therapy.

    El Lye Ipoh

    is a Malaysian bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and actor, who also runs a gym and a supplement shop. Remaining in the place of his birth, El Lye is a NESTA certified personal trainer at his gym Muszle Warrior House of Iron in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. After beginning bodybuilding at the early age of 8, high school consisted of mostly hockey and sprinting. El Lye has been involved in fitness for the past 30 years.

    Malcolm Ribot

    Known as the FTM Traveler, Malcolm Ribot is a community builder, influencer, and avid road tripper, wanderer, and adventurer. For fitness, he is a lover of Crossfit and being active in playful ways and doing outdoor recreational activities. He is Wilderness First Aid certified and volunteers and works with The Venture Out Project helping bring together other fellow queer folks out in nature. He also most enjoys dancing, hiking, rock climbing, playing in trampoline parks, obstacle courses, and playgrounds.

    Tommy Murrell

    Born in Panama City ,Panama and raised in Miami, Fl, Tommy caught a passion for Fitness later on in life after a career in music. His passion for fitness has resulted in competing in and winning Bodybuilding Competitions. He was the 2016 Transfitcon Overall Champion and has also competed in NPC competitions. Tommy's passion for fitness goes beyond his personal goals. Being a certified personal trainer, he helps many other people achieve their goals through fitness as well.

    Gabriel Resendez

    Is a nonbinary transmasculine human that enjoys creating content on YouTube and Instagram. Aside from inspiring and helping others in the transgender/nonbinary community through posting videos and images, they take time for self-care through weightlifting and taking on challenges such as Spartan events and 5K/10K races. Currently Gabriel is working on a forum platform called Gender Cafe, a safe space for transgender/nonbinary people to come together and find the support they need.

    Jason Robert Ballard

    Is the Editor in Chief of FTM Magazine, an online resource for the Trans-Masculine community. He has worked alongside the development of Trans-Masc Industries as they produced magazines such as FTM and FTM Fitness Magazine, as well as a prosthetic design lab HeartOnToys, and pride apparel brand known for their bold-lettered “This Is What Trans Looks Like” t-shirts.

    Trey Sheidler

    Trey is the founder of Trans Fitness Retreats. He is the owner of Transform Fitness, the main sponsor of the Trans Fitness Retreat Thailand event. In his role at Transform Fitness, he has spent his time transforming the lives of other community members through health and fitness. With a degree in Exercise Science and Wellness, and as an ACE certified personal trainer, his passion is in bringing people together through fitness no matter where their current level of fitness lies. Trey believes a mindset of "progress over perfection" will always lead to the best long-term success.


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